About The Company

Newly founded in November 2017, EIFAD Airline Aviation Services is privately owned company based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Our name EIFAD Airline is derivative from the terminology “Delegation”, where it represents the visit of Delegates representing a Country, a King, or an Emperor. We deal with our Guests and Clients as Delegates.

We will offer a personalized flying experience with convenient non-stop routes, competitive travel packages, and flexible charter options for our Clients. EIFAD Airline will be an important future player in the aviation region, which operational philosophy lies in the trinomial: safety, quality and service. By counting on a proactive experienced team with considerable know-how, EIFAD Airline assumes the commitment of dedicated care for the comfort and safety of our valuable guests and permanently invests in the training of its resources and in a service of excellence, developing its activity in a sustainable and rational way.

Our Values

24/7 Support

our Clients will benefit from round-the-clock support from our dedicated 24/7 Operations and Sales Teams, offering the flexibility to deal with any last minute changes

Our Values

Airplane Readiness Time

with our vast experience in Executive Charter Business, we are able to provide short notice Go-Now flight solutions with ultimate efficiency. On standby 24/7, we are capable of launching our aircraft within just 90 minutes of flight confirmation, whenever a rapid response is required to the aid of other airlines, or for Client immediate flight request

Our Values


Respect for life and prevent occurrences which drive to personal injures or material damages as fundamental value and the first priority within EIFAD

Our Values

Clients demands

Our onboard service can be tailored to our Clients’ budget and requirements with catering options range, thru tailoring the experience further, by putting our Cllients’ company at the forefront of the flight experience, with branding opportunities inside and outside the aircraft

Our Values


Taking care of Pilgrims (God’s Guests) is our ultimate goal. We take care of their needs onboard and before boarding even, thru our Airport Ground Welcoming staffs. From the Catering Meal, thru the Cabin Environment, to our Elite Cabin Crew services, we promise to make our Pilgrims Umrah trip unforgettable

Our Values

Passengers & Clients Satisfaction

our aim to Provide flexible and innovative solutions, with excellence standards, exceeding the expectations of passengers and clients and ensuring their satisfaction

Our Values


Operate on a global environment with the same safety and service excellence standards

Our Values


Carry out the activities and utilize the resources on a conscientious manner, in order to ensure EIFAD Airline continuing viability and the employee’s welfare

Our Values

Social Responsibility

Respect for the health and well-being of employees, for the community and for the environment. Our strategic performance goes beyond compliance with current regulations and procedures, adopting a set of ethics values, principles fairness and transparency

Our Values

Continuing Improvement

The permanent search for excellence, implementing the best practices and employing motivated and highly qualified persons



Reporting to the CEO, our key departments are headed by directors having vast experience and expertise in their sectors. Highly coordinated and focused, the departments function as effective organs continuously engaged in accomplishing organizational mandate and vision. Though our prime business in EIFAD Airline is Non Schedule Flights (Commercial Charter Airline), we also provide other Aviation Services to our Clients. These services are highlighted below.

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