Our Services

Aircraft Management

EIFAD Airline provides personalized and unique ‘Turn-Key’ management solutions that satisfy the requirements of our private jet clients as they relish the convenience of having their own aircraft managed by our experienced and skilled professionals. Our aircraft management team works in synergy with our aircraft charter experts, ensuring custom made solutions for your private jet, while reducing your fixed costs. Our aircraft management assurance regime ensures customer safety and confidentiality, precision and comfort of flight operations, effective supervision and monitoring of flight crew, and transparent, cost-effective financial administration.

VIP Cabin Completion

Providing custom made solutions for cabin completion of private aircrafts, we have an integrated collaboration of engineers, interior designers and field representatives to deliver state of the art services. Having successfully executed a wide range of cabin completion programs for VIP aviation industry, we have managed numerous projects for diverse aircraft types. Our services are unique in quality, functionality and aesthetics, which makes us a natural choice for those who want the very best in life.

Aircraft Appraisal

A comprehensive knowledge of current and potential market is intrinsically linked to accurate aircraft appraisal and valuation. Our dynamic market research methodologies, extensive networking in aviation industry, and the expertise of our experienced professionals, equip us with the most effective and accurate appraisal services for our clients. From on-site inspection, research and comparative analysis, to emerging market trends, our EIFAD Airline experts provide the most informed appraisal evaluation that suits our clients.

Aircraft Sales

Aircraft sale is a challenging proposition. Our experience and EIFAD Airline provides our clients a comprehensive overview and broad exposure to market their aircraft effectively. Providing access to an extensive network of serious buyers, we are equipped to handle queries and inspections from potential buyers. Our experts assist you throughout the whole process until the final signing of the sale agreement. When it comes to selling your private aircraft, we ensure that you get the best deal for your investment.

Aircraft Acquisition

Providing private aircraft customer comprehensive services, EIFAD Airline has profound industry knowledge, connections and established experience to execute aircraft acquisition with optimum benefits to the client. Keeping specific requirements and financial considerations of our clients in view, we conduct a thorough survey of existing options through our management and technical personnel, manage the legalities involved, ensuring that the buyer gets the best return for investment.